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Who we Are:

Romantic Adventures, located in the Heart of Pearl Mississippi, was created in 2001 with one goal: To make the world a more pleasurable place!

From adult shop and lingerie store to smoke supplies, we strive to provide a unique shopping experience for everyone who walks through our doors – or visits us online.

Our mission is simple: to provide an escape from the everyday, and help people feel good about themselves.  We are willing to meet your wherever you are at and help you make things better.

Whether you’re looking for something fun and naughty or sexy and sophisticated, we’ve got you covered. 

Romantic Adventures is here to enhance your romance!

Romantic Adventures


175 Highway 80 E.

Pearl, MS 39208

Monday 10 am- 10 pm
Tuesday 10 am- 10 pm
Wednesday 10 am- 10 pm
Thursday 10 am- 10 pm
Friday 10 am- Midnight
Saturday 10 am- Midnight
Sunday Closed
bondage wall at Romantic Adventures
Romantic adventures rainbow toys
Romantic Adventures Toy wash adventures

Why Shop at Romantic Adventures in Pearl?

Because online shopping is great, and if that is your only option we will send it to your house. 

But it’s just not the same as going to a store and picking out something yourself.

You can’t touch or feel the product, you can’t try it on, and you don’t get to see the real thing until it arrives at your house.

Brick and mortar stores are the answer.

When you come into our physical location, you can touch and feel the product before you buy it, see it in person before you take it home, and get expert advice from salespeople who actually care about helping you find what you need to execute the full fantasy.  

For instance, we’ll make sure you can leave with batteries, toy wash or lube and what ever accessories you need to make the whole night a perfect success. 

We will wait patiently while you and your spouse decide what might be fun and we will make sure you leave with everything you need to make sure you have a great time.