Move over regency romance! Monster erotica is bigger and better than ever, just in time for Halloween.

Although we’re accustomed to watching the Final Girl kill the monstrous creature in the final minutes of our horror movies, some have dared to dream of a world in which beasts and humans put aside their differences and found pleasure in each other instead. Essentially, Alien if it ended with a different kind of bang.

These are the Monster Lovers, alternatively known as the Monster Fuckers (or when in the sphere of Tik Tok censorship, Monster Fudgers). What once was a budding movement has turned into a spectrum of monster romance enthusiasts who just want to take their partner by the horns and enjoy the ride.

Think you’re safe from being consumed by the dark side? You may already be lurking in the shadows. Monster erotica has a long and enduring history that has gnawed its way into much of the media that we enjoy, enough to slowly transform disgust into lust. After all, even Buffy bedded down with vampires.

Sex With Sea Monsters Makes Waves

So when did humanity develop its taste for tentacles? Many date our creature sex fantasies back to 17th-century Japan, when shunga, erotic pictures printed onto woodblocks, were all the rage. Although the art was outlawed, it was still quite common. Couples and friends would share the artwork amongst themselves and view it together.

Most shunga depicted opposite-sex human lovers in the midst of a tryst, but artist Katsushika Hokusai changed the game. In 1814, he created The Dream of the Fisherman’s Wife, which depicts a young woman sprawled on a rocky shoreline in the embrace of two octopi. One kisses her mouth while the other brings her to orgasm. Thus, monster romance sunk its claws into the collective consciousness.

Nice to know we have more options.

The Appeal of Monsters Over Men

Despite its popularity, not all resonate with the idea of boning their local cryptid. Something separates the vampire slayers from the zombie groupies.

At the heart of monster erotica lies teratophilia, the sexual attraction to human deformities or monstrous creatures.

But is the true allure of monster romances the tails and claws of the love interest, or is there something more at play here?

To understand the popularity of girl-on-beast stories, it’s important to know the audience. An important distinction is that most monster erotica is centered around women. In softer monster romances, women are wooed by middle-aged minotaurs and lonesome vampires who just want to find a nice girl to settle down with.

On the rougher side of the genre, monster porn, in its written and visual forms, often depicts human women being abducted and trapped by demon-like beings who eventually have their way with them. Sometimes, these storylines make their way into monster romances, with an emphasis being placed on the “changing” or compromises of the monster as their relationship blossoms.

So, why is it that women are so horny for Predator?

One theory is that monster romances offer a safe avenue to explore the dangerous side of sex. It’s easier to pant after a monster than a human because the monster stays safely confined to the words on a page, whereas your Tinder date could actually murder you. Monster erotica encompasses the dangerous thrill of the “bad boy” trope with none of the real-world consequences.

Monsters also represent the hypermasculine. Not only are they physically built, but they’re also aggressive and territorial, traits that can be red flags in human men, but are just part of their nature as a werewolf or fae male. If your real-world boyfriend bares his teeth at your waiter for smiling too much, that’s a problem, but when a minotaur does it, it’s kind of a turn-on.

What’s sexiest about monster romance? The ability to change – and not just during the full moon.

In life, and on Tik Tok, there is an entire genre of women summed up with this phrase: “I can fix him.” While often said as a joke, some women live and die by this sentiment (trust me, I’ve been there). In reality, no person is going to change unless they want to, and it does no one any good to bank entire relationships on that point. However, that doesn’t stop women from wanting to – and that’s where monster romance delivers.

You see, Chad from work may not be willing to change, but your monster love interest definitely will. Monsters present the perfect remedy for this because they are truly the worst of the worst – bloodthirsty, maiming and killing, feeding off fear and death – and yet they’ll go vegetarian if you bat your eyelashes enough. Hell, they’ll take down spaceships and ancient vampire clans to protect you. Monsters will learn your language, listen to your feelings, and give amazing head. What more could you ask for?

There is also a sense of acceptance in monster romances that women are drawn to. Even if we feel underwhelming in real life, the aliens, werewolves, and vampires think we’re simply to die for. A skull-faced demon doesn’t care if your hair is stringy or your boobs are saggy – it’s all part of your womanly beauty. You accept the monster, and the monster accepts you, and then you have earth-shattering sex for three chapters.

With everything considered, undead creatures and hell-bound hunks are the perfect backboards for the psychological junk we can’t successfully throw at humanity. In reality, we can’t fix the emotionally unavailable guy in our dorm, but we can show the spider keeping us captive what true love is. Monsters want to start a family with us and think our postpartum bodies are even hotter than before, but human men joke about husband stitches and find younger women to preoccupy their time. Vektal would never!

The Spectrum of Inter-Species Sexual Fantasties

Maybe you still aren’t convinced that monster romance is for you. However, if you’ve picked up a romance book lately, you may already be entrenched in the thriller.

Monster romances aren’t all krakens and gargoyles. In fact, many creature love interests look positively human, even with their pointy ears and teeth.

When you think of monster erotica, you’re likely picturing one side of the spectrum, the one with more teeth. At this far end exist the “pure” monsters. In short, there’s nothing human about them. They walk on all fours and have tails, extra limbs, maybe even pinchers. These monsters don’t communicate through words, only through action.

As you move toward the middle, these monsters begin to look more familiar. Their skin may be green or blue, horns or antennas adorning their head, but they speak and dress as humans do. These are the aliens that Marvel heroes pine after. If Gamora or Mantis set your heart fluttering, you’re already part of the monster craze.

Further from Not-Hoth, opposite the demon lovers, are the human look-alikes that took over mainstream media decades ago. First, it was vampires, capturing teen hearts through the works of True Blood, the Vampire Diaries, and of course, Twilight. These same series highlighted werewolves, the natural-born enemies of the mysterious vampires, but with equal, primal sex appeal. Now, the Fae have taken over the genres of supernatural romance and monster erotica, with the same themes we’ve been lusting after for centuries.

Don’t be too hard on yourself. Sometimes your perfect mate is a monster with a pretty face.

Monster Erotica, In Your Guts and On Your Kindle

If BookTok is any indication, humans fall for the beauty and the beast story over and over again. It’s why The Shape of Water is a critically acclaimed film, and the Ice Planet Barbarians book series went from self-published e-books to Amazon Bestsellers.

If you want to spice up your October book list, there are several erotic novels where the main characters get freaky with Frankenstein. If you’re interested in lion-lamb pairings with abduction plotlines, The Unseelie Prince by Kathryn Ann Kingsley features a fae prince who entraps a lonely witch in his ever-changing maze. In another popular abduction work, a faceless demon takes a human as a sacrifice but ends up with more than he bargained for in A Soul to Keep by Opal Reyne.

Remember when Percy Jackson fought the minotaur? What about when Harry Potter took on the acromantula? Now, you can see what happens when those monsters get a bit of heavy petting in Morning Glory Milking Farm by C. M. Nascosta and Ensnared by Tiffany Roberts.

For romance beyond this earth, I Married a Lizardman by Regine Abel plays with the arranged marriage trope but with an alien twist. One of my favorites, the Ice Planet Barbarians series by Ruby Dixon captures a different relationship with every book as a group of human women find love with a hunter-gatherer tribe of blue aliens with monster cocks and breeding kinks.

The books don’t end there. Check out this Goodreads list to fill up your bookshelf this spooky season.

Bring Monster Love into the Bedroom

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Happy monster hunting!