There are many ways CBD can positively affect your sex life

Cannabidiol, or CBD, has taken the world by storm in the last couple of years. Many Americans are curious about what it can do for them. Scientists are hard at work researching CBD’s potential health benefits.

If you follow the news, then you may know CBD oil has pain-relieving properties. Many people use it for joint pain relief and more. It may also help with anxiety, insomnia, and more.

One place you may not think of using CBD oil is the bedroom. What’s the connection between CBD and your sex life?

As it turns out, CBD could have at least a few benefits for those seeking m more sexual arousal and a better romantic romp.

Here are a few of the different ways CBD and sex go together.

Solving Common Issues in the Bedroom

Some of the hemp-derived CBD products’ supposed medical benefits could be useful for those looking to turn up the heat in the bedroom. It may help with issues like erectile dysfunction, performance anxiety, and even painful sex.

How does CBD help those with Erectile Dysfunction? It turns out that CBD can improve blood flow. There are also cannabinoid receptors all through the body, including below the belt.

Improved circulation is the key to improved sexual performance and enhanced pleasure.

That’s also one of the reasons CBD may be able to help with issues such as vaginal dryness and discomfort. The increased blood flow to these areas can encourage the body’s natural lubrication.

CBD’s qualities as a pain-reliever may also be helpful. It may help those who experience vaginal discomfort or pain during intercourse.

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CBD Can Set the Mood

Another common set of issues in the bedroom stem less from physical discomfort and more from mental health concerns. There’s a link between ED and depression, for example. Performance anxiety can cause issues for almost anyone.

Researchers are looking into CBD’s effects on mental health and emotions too. There are some connections between CBD and reduced symptoms of anxiety and depression. I say anything that can help with anxiety disorders is well worth taking a second look at.

Many of these initial findings have yet to be medically reviewed but now that CBD is legal the process of bringing it under more rigorous scientific study is much easier.

Many people who use CBD report that it’s great for busting stress too. In turn, people who use CBD can relax and be present in the moment.

If the thought of getting hot and heavy is worrying you, CBD could help you get out of your own head. Instead of worrying about how you’ll perform, you can relax and get lost in the moment with your partner.

CBD and Your Sex Life Get Sensational

Remember how CBD helps improve blood flow to body tissues? As it turns out, that does more than reduce dryness or help with ED.

Increased blood flow is one of the reasons sexual tissues are so sensitive to begin with. Now add CBD to the mix, and you can heighten sensations even more.

In short, taking CBD before a romantic romp may help you experience even more with your partner. Since you’re more relaxed, you may be more open to the experience as well. That can help with the sensation of pleasure.

Some CBD users have reported that not only do they feel sensations more, they also have more intense orgasms.

This is one reason CBD could be an excellent choice for almost everyone in the bedroom.

CBD May Increase Desire

CBD for sex works on several different systems of the body, including mood and improving blood flow. It also relieves pain and reduces anxiety while heightening sensation.

Anecdotal evidence seems to suggest that be very effective in creating a broad swath of sexual performance factors.

All those factors together could mean CBD also acts as an aphrodisiac. Its ability to improve blood flow is associated with increased arousal and stimulation.

If you want to enhance the effects, you may want to consider CBD chocolate edibles. Chocolate is also thought to be an aphrodisiac. So, you are combining two robust plants for even better outcomes.

Of course, herbal aphrodisiacs are the subject of another blog post. Ayurveda practitioners are way ahead of us on this subject. but research suggests that CBD oil will definitely improve your sex life.

THC, CBD’s better-known cousin, also exhibits some of the same effects. While CBD on its own is effective, combining it with THC may increase the impact.

What Are the Side Effects of CBD?

Before adding anything new to the bedroom, you’re probably wondering if CBD is safe to use. There’s good news.

Unlike THC, CBD is considered non-psychoactive. That means it won’t get you “high.”

CBD also has very few side effects. Most of them are mild, such as a dry mouth. Some researchers are currently looking into the more long-term effects of CBD.

If you are concerned about any side effects or latent chemicals left in your body after ingesting, consider topical CBD-infused lubricants, which may also help relieve painful sex and assist in pain relief and speed healing around the sensitive tissues of the anus if communication lines got crossed in the heat moment.

If you’re using CBD to improve your sex life, you may not need to worry too much about those effects. Taking CBD when you want to get frisky is probably enough. You won’t need to take it daily to notice it will enhance pleasure and increase sex drive.

Some people are concerned about CBD’s legal status. You can get more info on how CBD might affect drug testing results, employment, and more.

How to Use CBD in the Bedroom

Right now, CBD made from hemp is legal, and it likely won’t cause many problems. It may be a better alternative to some medications available for ED and anxiety.

If you’re interested in using CBD oil for sex, you’re probably wondering how to use it. You have quite a few options.

Before your next bedroom session, you can vape, smoke, or ingest CBD. You can also get a little more creative regarding CBD and sex.

You can, for example, use CBD oil for sex in a few different ways. Start with a relaxing and sensual body massage. The oil will help ease tensions and set the mood for what follows.

A CBD oil massage will get the erotic stimuli started and begin the arousal process that will increase sexual wellness.

Some CBD oil companies also make products for CBD and sex. You can find CBD lube, for example, which you can use to enhance foreplay with your partner.

CBD itself is safe, and many products are intended for topical use. Always check the ingredients to make sure there are no irritants for you.

CBD Oil Can Help You Turn up the Dial

Now that you know the connections between CBD and your sex life, it’s time to get down to business.

Are you looking for more ways to add some more spice to your sex life? Turn up the heat with great tips, or shop the store to find a new favorite number for your next romantic adventure.

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