– Astrological Recommendations Based on Your Sun Sign.

Are you looking for the perfect sex toy but don’t know where to start? Well, look no further! I have compiled a list of the best sex toys for each Sun sign. Whether you’re looking to buy for yourself or a friend, there’s bound to be something here that will get your motor running. So read on and find out which toy is right for you!

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What Sex Toy would you recommend for an Aries


Ah, Aries the first in the zodiac and the most courageous and confident of lovers.  The Ram sees what he or she wants and plows right into headlong pursuit.  No worries if their delight is on a separate mountaintop  The Ram leaps confidently and more often than not finds purchase and welcome.  Lucky you if you are pursued by a ram; be sure to give him a merry chase so he will appreciate the prize all the more.  If you are a Ram man in between pursuits, may we suggest a Fleshlight STU?  It will help you to practice patience and pleasure of the other when you do find your way into a partner’s bed again.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Taurus


Taurians are often associated with the sign of the bull but a better image would be that of a Teddy Bear.  Taurians are the sign that loves a squeeze and a snuggle more than most in the Zodiac.  In fact, most Taurus people are born hedonists they love luxury and quality and things that look, taste, or feel good.  If you are pursuing a Taurus remember to pay attention to detail in all things.  A high-end vibrator from the Lelo line would delight them on every level especially one that could be set to remember his or her favorite setting.  It would appeal to their love of luxury and comfort in predictability.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Gemini


Gemini is often characterized by the sign of twins but really that is a water cooler moment in the sky we are witnessing.  This Airy sign loves a good chat and often finds many willing listeners.  Gemini’s are fun lovers because they can breezily get your darkest fantasies out of you with a simple chat. These born interrogators love to see things from a different perspective and are always up to try a new kink, but if you really want to drive them wild you have to learn to talk dirty to them.   If you are a Gemini between romances, may we suggest the PDX line.  Each toy has a speaker that moans and sighs when you get enthusiastic about it.  

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Cancer


You know that saying; if you don’t like the weather, wait five minutes, it will change?  It’s not quite that bad with a Cancer but it’s close.  In the Tarot they are represented by the moon card.  the thing you have to remember about Cancerian lovers is that much like their ruling planet their focus waxes and wanes.  Sometimes they want to get out and run with the pack and sometimes they want to crawl up the beach and hide in their shell.  It just depends on how they feeling that day.  So, what toy could possibly satisfy that Spectrum of emotions?  Glass!  There are a lot of things about a glass toy for a Cancer to love.  First of all, they are reflective and shiny and quite often beautiful.  Much like their Cancer admirers.  Also, they are tougher than they look and can be exposed to high temperatures or spend time in the freezer and be used against the skin for temperature play.  So, no matter whether your Cancerian nature makes you want hot one day and cold the next Glass can keep up with all the extremes and satisfy at every level.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Leo


Ah, the proud and glorious Leo.   If ever there was a sign that loved to be in LOVE, it was a Leo.  No complicated technology is necessary for this sign other than the spoken word.  These lovers just love being in love, and they love being adored.  Leos like to be the strong shoulder of support for their lovers and like sitting back and surveying their territory, preferably while the minions are off doing the work and someone is telling them how beautiful they are.No really if you have a grumpy Leo in your life and he is in mid Rant about some injury or injustice stop him with a compliment and see how the tenor of the conversation changes.  They Love being adored.  No time is inconvenient.  That being said, they do love the traditional trappings of Romance.  Check out our Games for lovers page for some silky Rose Petals or lovers’ coupons so they can dreamily contemplate their next pleasure with you.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Virgo?


So you have decided to love a Virgo?  I hope you are up to their standards.  This sign more than many others will choose quality over quantity every time.  Virginians are fastidious thinkers and detail lovers.  They will never forget important dates and they do not want to be kept waiting when it is time for your date.  Be sure to set up your Siri reminders so you can be spot on too.  Once you convince a Virgo to love you , they may not sweep into gales of passion the way a Leo might but when the decision to  love  you is made they are doggedly determined to do a good job of it.  They are generally very loyal and devoted.  If you really want to delight your Virgo with a gift try one of our beautiful storage cases.  What could be more beautiful than a place for everything and everything in its place?  You might also consider stashing a enhancement pill in thier considerably well stocked medicine cabinet.  They do so love to be prepared for any eventuality.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Libra


So, you have your heart set on a sweet beautiful Libra?  You could be in for a great time but not for a long time.  This sun sign more than any other is remarkably indecisive.  Is it love or something like it?  They often don’t know but you can have a lot of fun figuring it out.  While Libra’s love the idea of balance and harmony in theory they have a hard time achieving it personally.  like an old-fashioned scale that balances back and forth from one side to the other, the Libra lover can vacillate as well.  They are invariably charming and you will forgive them all this because when they do decide you are the one, they stick to their guns.  They just take a while to get there.  If you want to win their heart with gifts that pleasure them, buy them a book or let them read a sexy book from our website to you while you are in bed.  See everyone wins!

What Sex Toy would you recommend for a Scorpio?

Scorpios are the dark and dangerous types even if they fool you with a slick business suit.  Once a Scorpio takes off his or her Sunglasses and spears you with those eyes…you’ll know it’s time to either run into their arms and die in the flames, or run away, hide and hope for a nice Cancerian firefighter to come to rescue you.  There is no in-between with this sign.  But if you have captured the attention of one, lucky you, their passion is legendary.  They are fierce and loyal and deadly and they SLAY between the sheets.  Whether your Scorpio wants to slay dragons for the Lady’s favor or play the demanding lord of the manner, we suggest you take a turn around our fetish section and let your imagination run wild, perhaps check out our Spreader Bars, they are sure to delight the most demanding of lovers.

What Sex Toy would you Recommend for a Sagittarius?

So, you have your eye on a playful Sagittarius, what fun.  Get ready for a good time, no not a good time in bed, just a rollicking good time.  Sag’s are always the life of the party and know all the rules of the various games.  Be careful intuiting the intentions of its happy go lucky sign.  They love friends as much as they do lovers and they are always looking for the next playmate.  If catching this one is really on your agenda.  You had better be the independent type.  I will tell you a secret though, the Archer of Zodiac is unfailingly visual. You can’t hit the target if you can’t see it.  So, their eye is always scanning the horizon; just give them something interesting to focus on.  I suggest some sports-related lingerie or his favorite teams’ jersey and little else.

What Sex Toy would you Recommend for a Capricorn?

If you have your eye on a Capricorn lover, you had better download of copy of Miss Manners’s book of etiquette.  Because Capricorn lovers adore tradition and ceremony more than most signs.   Think Pride and Prejudice.  Regency Romance probably delights them.  It is also good to remember that these are the CEO’s and Accountants of the Zodiac.  The most amazing aphrodisiac to them is a secure future that has been well thought out and provided for.  They are loyal to family and devoted to their mates.  They like the finer things but are willing to work hard and shop smart to get them.  So, how to turn the head of this most practical of signs?  Turn tradition on its head and give them a set of Edible Body Paints.  It is a little-known secret that many Cappy’s have an innate sense of beauty, proportion, and balance.  They make wonderful artists.  What could be better than becoming their canvas; and then insisting that they do a thorough job of cleaning you up.  They will throw themselves into it wholeheartedly with all the dedication of their sign.

What Sex Toy would you recommend for an Aquarius?


Oh,  these brainy Aquarians.  Just like the symbol of their sign, they zip one way and then the other like they are receiving private messages from the universe itself.  Rest assured they are.  You can’t win them with traditional gestures.  There is no playbook that works every time with an Aquarian.  They are the independent types and they enjoy being different than you expect.  What they are looking for is someone who vibes at their frequency.  You can’t invest your identity in loving an Aquarian, that would stop their flow.  You have to have your own passion and pursuits and an Aquarius will add their energy to yours and move you light years ahead.  Then they may ping off in search of their next great humanitarian act.  If you want to keep their interest and attention, I suggest embracing all things techy.  A great choice for Aquarian pleasure may be one of our high-end toys with Bluetooth capability.  That way you can reach them with an orgasm even if they are off on a soul vacation, tripping around the milky way and forgot you existed for a minute.

What sex toy would you recommend for a Pisces?


So you have your eye on a beautiful Fish?  Good choice, they are among the most balanced and empathetic signs there are.     These are the artists and thespians of the Zodiac. So, while it would be easy to make cracks about ‘drama’; don’t be fooled, Pisceans aren’t high strung drama queens, they are more the dreamy fairy princesses that like to step outside of their own skin every now and then and be something completely different.  Don’t argue, just go with it.  Break out the naughty nurse outfit and let her care for all your needs for the night.  Oddly this most balanced of signs seek support on all sides and is looking for a partner with a big strong shoulder to lean on.  Even Shakespeare had his Patrons.  They need you to support their dreams and applaud their efforts so they can be their best most authentic self.  So how to catch a fish that will pleasure you for a day or a lifetime?  Check out our position pillows and support page.  Get them at just the right angle, in just the right light to make sure you are the star in all their future daydreams.