Affordable Romantic toys for women are designed to enhance intimacy between partners. They can include items that stimulate the senses. Such as sensual massage oils, scented candles, romantic music, and a lovely meal time alone together where they are your sole focus.

It is lovely to shower your beloved with gifts when you have the resources, but intimacy can be achieved through presence, not presents.

But romantic gifts speak to the heart and help you say you are willing to go to the next level with someone. So let us help you think of some lovely ways to invite more romance into your life. We will help you think up some affordable ways to give your partner an experience she’ll love.

The Best Affordable Romantic Gift Ideas for Her

Romance toys for women are designed to enhance intimacy between partners. They include items that stimulate the senses, such as sensual massage oils, scented candles, and romantic music.

Many of these products can be used during sex to make the experience pleasurable.

Still, when we use the word romance, it implies that you are trying to get to a deeper level of intimacy or connection with this person.

So while I am a big fan of orgasms and am fortunately one of those people who have them easily and often; I find the best, most memorable ones took the longest time to build up energy.

One reason you see curvy country backroads in our website headers is that I believe an excellent long, unhurried love-making session should be like a drive along a sleepy country backroad. One where you sit next to your partner, touch, and talk about nothing and everything. There is no hurry, but a few bumps along the way add interest and laughs, and the speed of the curves draws you a little closer together. The scenery soothes you, and you arrive at your destination feeling closer and with a cherished memory of your time together.

Think about creating an atmosphere and space to be unplugged, unhurried, and able to focus on one another. Start with the environment and circle in until you focus on the person.

This leads to the first of my great gift ideas:

1. Clean the house

I know this sounds like a trick, but it is a great gift idea to give to yourself and your partner. When all those little distracting tasks are done, their mind can be at rest and focus on you.

You may not have the budget to go out and spend on jewelry or flowers, or fancy date nights, but you can always afford to set aside some time and do some dishes.

Make it a game between you to take the little tasks off her list so you can be the only thing left ‘to do’ on her list. (Don’t worry, every woman has a running list in her head of uncompleted tasks, and most of us have no idea how to delegate them.)

You may even make a game of making a list of chores that get rewarded with specific responses.

Housework never seemed so fun.

2. Draw her a bath

Most women have a hard time getting their minds to become quiet. Bubbles do beautiful things for the soul, and we have an excellent selection of Bath products. I love the melting rose petals for the bath if you are not into bubbles, but starting the evening feeling warm, relaxed, and clean will help her say yes more easily when you suggest doing dirty things together.

3. Lay out some Lingerie

Romantic Adventures always tries to keep a large selection of very affordable styles and sizes of lingerie in store, and our online selection of sexy outfits is off the chain. But even if you choose something pretty she already has, it is a message to her that you think she is lovely and want to see her displayed beautifully for you.

Unique gifts often involve unique ideas and experiences. It’s okay to use the window dressing you have on hand to increase the intensity of the experience you are having together. Just getting her out of her everyday wear and getting her in some lingerie will take her mind to another level.

Consider it a greener option, not to buy something new whenever you want to experience intimacy with your partner. It can even be a fun date night idea to go through her lingerie collection and let her try things on until you can pick your favorite.

4. Play a Game

Rather than just turning down the lights or turning on Netflix, do something that is fun and engaging and encourages the use of imagination. (Pleasure always starts in the imagination.)

In both in-store and online, we have a vast selection of affordable foreplay games and dice sets, in most cases for less than $10 US retail.

A little book of scratchers that leads to more orgasms in your week can make you feel like you have won the lottery!

Sometimes when you plan a big date night together, it can create a lot of pressure, and your brain starves for oxygen and doesn’t know what to do next, so a pair of foreplay dice randomly decide the next activity. Take the pressure off and make things more spontaneous.

Anything that gets you laughing, talking, and touching is a significant first step towards better intimacy.

5. Light her Fire

The love of fire is primordial. For most of the history of human culture, we have gathered at fires to stay warm, be fed, and tell each other important stories that create community. So feel free to leverage all that evolutionary biology that tells a woman she is safe and with friends.

Don’t worry. No campfires need to be created in the bedroom, but a few candles will go a long way toward creating a cozy atmosphere. Your home decor is safe,

Simple tea lights are great, especially if you don’t want to get a bunch of loud scents going or competing. They are certainly affordable and easy to procure.

Please ensure your candles are secure and won’t be jostled around later if things get athletic. But do take the time to create a bit of atmosphere if you can.

If you want to take your candle game to the next level, I would suggest some of our fabulous soy-based massage candles.

While she is relaxing in the bath, you can set up a friendly massage pod on the floor with some blankets to cushion your knees as you move around her and begin the night with some nonsexual touch and relaxation and see where things go from there.

6 Tell her what you told her…

In the days of overstuffed email boxes and text messages that burn down the world, an old-fashioned love note can set you apart. You don’t have to write love sonnets or join the drama club late in life; do something that gives her a tangible connection to how you feel about her.

I once had a long-distance relationship. Every time we went to the airport or parted, I gave him a note in a red envelope telling him how much I appreciated our time together and something I liked about him.

We all have people in our lives who are ready to criticize us but rarely do we get someone who goes out of their way to appreciate the simple things we do that make life better for others. A handwritten message says its important enough to you that you would take the time to organize all that. Which makes it a very thoughtful gift.

Those of us in a relationship often act as a mirror for each other. In your note, make sure you reflect the most beautiful parts of your partner, so they focus on those things, and you will see more of them show up in your life.

Being the touchstone to their most beautiful selves will build a well of intimacy for you and your partner, making it the perfect gift.

  1. See if a bullet can hit the target you are aiming for…

Romantic Adventures carries a vast array of devices for pleasure. But the hands-down never fail performer for years has always been the silver bullet style toy. They are simple, versatile, non-phallic, and very affordable. In some cases, you can secure them for 12 dollars or less.

I will say that you get what you pay for with toys. While we have bullet vibrators that are rechargeable and have better motors, and are much more sophisticated, the simple booty call bullet that won’t last long but may not need to is a great intro toy and has brought a lot of people a lot of pleasure over the years.

Even if you just hold it in your hand as you touch and massage her. It can bring a unique sensation to the party that simply cannot be achieved otherwise.

When choosing a romantic toy, one must consider the person’s needs and wants but think about slowing the process down. What type of sensation does she enjoy? How can you create the feeling in subtle ways around her? What is her favorite way to be touched? Does she prefer gentle or firm pressure? Think about slow build-ups and extended periods of sensation.

Some women like their toys to be simple, while others prefer something more complex and interactive. The most important thing is to find a gift that will make her feel special and appreciated.

If a silver bullet toy seems a little basic to you, check out our article on 7 great beginner toys to try.

Whatever the challenge, we have ways to make love more fun, and you can have a great time on a small budget with a bit of creativity.

Romantic Adventures is here to help in whatever way you need. Come by the store or check out our Toys online and see what we can do to enhance your Romance.