It can be hard to keep the passion of a relationship going as time goes by. A relationship is always a work in progress, always in transition. It does take work to maintain a good one, and sometimes that work involves spicing things up in the bedroom.

It’s easy to get into a routine with a loved one. Routine makes life easier, but it also takes some of the spontaneous spice out of life. Introducing some of the below sexy ideas for couples can break through the boring repetition of the day-to-day routine and get life moving again, at least in the bedroom.

If you’re looking to light the flame in the bedroom, read on and we’ll walk you through some of the best possible methods.

1. Take A Field Trip

There’s a lot of familiarities you face once you’re in a long-term relationship with another person. You get to know another person in and out, you get familiar with their habits, and a lot about them doesn’t surprise you anymore.

When this occurs, it’s hard to sometimes get excited or feel the thrill you did early on in your relationship.

Sometimes all it takes to reignite this flame is to take a visit to new a place and to have a new experience. Going on a date to a new and exciting place can help reignite the feeling of romance.

Is there a popular make-out spot in your city or neighborhood? It can be fun to feel like a teenager again, after all. Making out in your car might be something you haven’t done in a long time, perhaps since early in this relationship or maybe prior. The feeling of those early, teen memories coming on can help connect you to the thrill of first love.

2. Watch Porn Together

Most people watch porn, that’s just a fact. If you don’t know if your partner watches these illicit videos online, it may be time to poke around and ask. You might get a response that you didn’t expect. 

If you’re looking to spice things up in the bedroom, it might be time to try watching some of those videos together as opposed to in private. Sharing something that has been proven to arouse both of you can help to create new excitement in the bedroom.

Plus, the taboo nature of porn can help create a dangerous or naughty feeling that can add to the overall proceedings. The more you watch together, the more you’ll realize what interests you have in common and can find videos you both really enjoy.

Who knows, you might even discover some new moves you want to try out after watching.

3. Have a Threesome

If you’re really feeling adventurous, one of the most thrilling things you can do to spice up your love life is to bring someone else into the fold. Threesomes are a sexual act as old as time, but certainly not something that every couple has taken the time to experiment with. 

You’ll want to be careful when bringing up the topic to your partner, who may find the topic evidence of your wanting to sleep with other people as opposed to bring excitement back to your own relationship.

However, if they’ve ever shown an interest in sleeping around or in group sex, finding this new outlet may be the key to unlocking much more fun in the bedroom. Yes, it can be hard to figure out who that third person might be. Many couples surf through dating apps like Tinder trying to find someone, while others may employ help from places like this site

No matter who your third ends up being, make sure they match the vibe of your existing relationship. The last thing you want to do is bring someone in who is going to make both you and your partner uncomfortable.

4. Try Sexting

Not all couples practice the careful art of sexting, but more should consider it. A lot of getting things moving in the bedroom is just the practice of teasing and anticipation. Sexting is a great way to do this.

Consider texting your partner something lewd and naughty in the middle of the workday. Tell them how aroused you’ve gotten suddenly thinking of them. This unexpected attention is sure to surprise and entice them, and they may even return the favor.

Sexting is a healthy part of any good relationship, and even those shy and meek shouldn’t feel afraid to have a little textual fun every once in a while.

You can get visuals too if need be. It goes without saying, but sending nudes and little body sneak-peeks can be another way to get interested in one another’s bodies again. It doesn’t have to be a full-body nude (though it can be!) it can as simple as a little peek or a suggestive angle.

Of course, if you’re going to get into the practice of sexting, it’s recommended you take the proper steps on your devices to ensure these photos and messages aren’t seen by others in the workplace!

The Best Sexy Ideas for Couples

If you’re looking to bring some energy back to your sex life, the above sexy ideas for couples can be a big help. Employing any or all of these methods can help elevate your life in the bedroom and can maybe bring new life back to your relationship as a whole.