While some people are still searching for sexy Halloween costumes, many are already contemplating what gadgets and gizmos should be on their holiday wishlist. While you could opt for the newest smartwatch or wireless speaker, we believe the best gifts are those that you share with others, and Bluetooth sex toys connect you and your partner with orgasm after orgasm – even from a distance.

Check out our list of Bluetooth sex toys, and you’ll get more than your stocking stuffed. Let’s get into it!

1. Ohmibod Esca 2 Interactive Bluetooth Internal Vibe

The Esca 2 is the perfect vibrator to add some creativity to your sex life. Most adult toys come preprogrammed with a limited number of vibration patterns, but this versatile toy lets you create your own vibration patterns through the Ohmibod Remote app.

Missing your boyfriend? The Esca 2 can even pulse to the rhythm of their voice.

Along with its wide range of vibration patterns, the Esca 2 also has three different Bluetooth settings. The first setting vibrates at full speed and the second vibrates at half speed, both with the LED light on. These lights synchronize with the toy’s vibrations and provide feedback to your partner, turning them into your personal sex tech.

We love a light show, but we know it isn’t for everyone. For more discreet pleasure, the third setting buzzes at full engine speed but with no LED light, so you can keep the lights out while you turn on.

No wifi? No worries! Partner control is still on the table. The Esca 2 can be used manually or with a remote control at up to 26 feet.

2. We-Vibe Nova 2 Flexible Rabbit

If your lover can’t come home for the holidays, this long distance sex toy makes the perfect present. The We-Vibe Nova 2 is a smooth silicone Bluetooth vibrator that is carefully designed for clitoral stimulation and intense g spot stimulation.

Rigid vibrators rest against the clitoris while the main shaft stimulates internally, which doesn’t allow clitoral stimulation while thrusting. However, the Nova 2’s external arm easily bends to reach the clitoris no matter what position the shaft is in, so you can vibe your g spot and clit simultaneously.

Another reason we love the Nova 2 – it’s packed with two motors for maximum pleasure.

Long-distance couples can control the Nova 2’s vibrations through the We Connect app. With the press of your touchscreen, you and your partner can experience the pleasure of penetrative sex, even if you’re miles away.

3. We-Vibe Jive Blue Wearable Vibrator

Not everyone wants to restrict their sex life to the bedroom, and that’s where this vibrator comes in. The Jive Blue Wearable Vibrator is another toy controlled through We Vibe’s app and is meant to be worn internally so it can stimulate the g spot. Its external antenna rests inside your panties and allows for easy removal. It also lets you control the vibrations manually in lieu of the app.

On top of its comfortable fit, the Jive Blue is known for being a fairly quiet vibe with 10 different vibration modes. Better yet, it’s discreet enough for public play, so you can have a bit of fun with your partner on an errand run, even if they aren’t in the same room. If you expect to be out for a few hours, the gentle contour makes it comfortable enough for long-term wear. Just make sure you test it out first!

4. Satisfyer Signet Ring

Instead of asking for jewelry this year, try the Satisfyer Signet Ring on for size. This vibrating cock ring offers the best of both worlds for you and your partner. The Signet Ring slows blood circulation of the penis to delay orgasm so you can make love for hours. Not only does it stimulate the shaft, but it also provides powerful vibrations for your partner’s dual pleasure. It’s essentially two toys in one!

The high-tech toy can be controlled through the One Touch Button or through the Satisfyer app, so solo play and partner play are always on the table.

As an added bonus, the Signet Ring is also waterproof, so you can take this toy in for a hot shower or relaxing bath.

You won’t even break the bank. This app-controlled cock ring is one of our least expensive Bluetooth toys, along with most of the Satisfyer collection.

5. Lovense Hush 2 Butt Plug

The Lovense Hush 2 butt plug is a must for anal play with a long-distance partner. It’s a needed upgrade to Lovense Hush 1, with a smooth base instead of the previous spiral style. You can control the vibrating butt plug through the Lovense remote app and communicate with your partner through the remove video chat feature.

If you’re into solo play that’s out of this world, the Ravager will take your abduction fantasy to the next level. This versatile dildo can be used for a handsfree ride or for pleasuring your partner, as it is strap-on compatible. Skip the creature feature and bring the fun home with you.

The Lumen comes preprogrammed with four modes of manual vibrations, but custom vibrations are available through the Ohmidbod app. For a bit of extra fun, you can sync the vibrations to ambient noises. This vibrating butt plug can even pulse to the beat of your favorite music, as this Rihanna fan discovered.

Pair up and give your captive lover long-distance control of your orgasm. It can be your personal concert.

7. Ohmibod Blue Motion Nex 3 Bluetooth Couples Ring

Our last long-distance contender is another Ohmidbod creation, the Nex 3. This cock ring is a crowd-pleaser for men and women, providing hands-free mutual masturbation at the touch of a button. One of its best attributes is the Velvet Wave, a softly padded silicone that mimics gentle touches. The head is expertly poised to titillate your most sensitive area.

The battery life lasts for an hour of play, and the toy is ready to go after a charge of 2.5 hours, so sexy time is never hindered by a trip to the store for more batteries.

Another advantage of this Bluetooth toy, you can ride along to the beat of your favorite songs. Create a sexy playlist and let loose!

Buy Bluetooth Toys For High Tech Happiness

Bluetooth has made long-distance sex toys more advanced than ever. Custom vibration patterns, music syncing, and partner control from miles away are just a few features you can take home with you this holiday season.

Romantic Adventures has plenty of options to choose from online and in-store. If you’re not willing to wait on Santa this year, drop in and fulfill your own wishlist.